Habitat Alliance is a conglomerate of institutions dedicated to the cause of sustainable human settlements across the globe. A few of the Global Best Practices (GBP), selected by the United Nations Habitat, have joined together to encourage Best Practices in the field of sustainable habitat development by propagating the concept of affordable housing for all. GNN, a pioneer in the field of affordable housing, selected as Global Best Practice (GBP) by the UN Habitat and granted the status of UN Affiliate, has enlarged its sphere of activities and rechristened itself as Habitat Alliance. A number of other GBPs have since joined Habitat Alliance as integrating units.

Habitat Alliance has launched a global project for achieving the target of affordable shelter for all in the LDCs. Dr. Bose heads the Expert Committee of this UN Affiliate.

Institutions and individuals interested in sustainable human settlements are welcome to offer their inputs : chair.unaha@gmail.com