SC/ST Development

Year of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes :

The idea of observing the year of the SC & ST was conceived by Dr. Bose to give thrust to the development of weaker sections. This was accepted by the Government of Kerala and 1983-84 was declared as the Year of Scheduled Castes and Tribes and Dr. Bose was nominated the Director of this programme. Programmes launched for the weaker sections include motor services exclusively run by SC/ST, institutes for training them in para medical sciences, computer and electronics and a variety of schemes for their educational, social and economic advancement. Dr. Bose was also actively associated with the decentralized implementation of the Special Component Plan for Scheduled Castes in order to enable them to draw up and implement locally relevant schemes with beneficiary participation.

The approaches and concepts introduced by him continue in the State as the basis of the development strategies for the scheduled castes and tribes. The institutions created by him for the weaker sections remain today as the focal points for the growth and development of the weaker sections in the State.