The National Institute of Habitat Management (NIHM) has been conceived as a centre of excellence in research and academic training oriented to propagate cost-effective and environment friendly building technology.

The objectives of the Institute are:

  • To create professional excellence in the field of housing and habitat planning.
  • To undertake studies in the social, technological, economic and environmental problems related to habitat management.
  • To undertake consultancy services in habitat development.
  • To formulate and conduct academic programmes leading to Post Graduate Degrees and Diplomas.

The activities of the NIHM are organised under six divisions:

  • Material Sciences
  • Electronics in Housing
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Social Science
  • Building and Technology
  • Information, Education and Extension

The NIHM conducts:

  • Diploma in Habitat Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Habitat Technology
  • Master of Science in Habitat Technology in collaboration with Birla
  • Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani