Shri, Bose – ji , you have , through your innovative projects, which eventually become regional or national projects , contributed a lot in solving the problems of the rural people in the areas which include -low cost housing , and sanitation which help in preventing epidemics , popularisation of energy savings devices such as smokeless Chulhas which liberate the rural women from the never ending drudgeries of day to day existence , and mini water supply schemes, specially designed for the rural areas.

Shri Bose – ji the first Nirmithi Kendra or Building Centre in the country was set up in Quilon district of Kerala in 1985 during your tenure as District Collector. This centre seeks to disseminate information on cost effective building techniques and upgrade traditional skills. This has been taken up by Government of India for implementation in all districts in the country and recommended by the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements for replication as a model worth emulation by all member countries. Nirmithi Kendra was selected as a finalist for the World Habitat Awards (1984) by the Building and Social Housing Foundation (UK) . The Kendra has also been short listed as a Global Best Practise by the UNCHS for initiatives in the field of Habitat Development at the Habitat II conference in Istanbul:

Shri Bose – ji , the first District Tourism Promotion Council which aims promoting local initiation in Tourism promotion was also set up during your tenure as Collector of Quilon District.

Sri. Bose – ji the Sanjivini Kendra, initiated by you seeks to preserve and promote the traditions of Ayurveda and indigenous medicine. You have also initiated Gramotsva programme and started Dhanwanthari Kendra.

Shri. Bose – ji , we at the Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta Charitable Trust are happy and proud that the Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Application of Science and Technology is awarded to you . We are confident that this Award will certainly motivate you to do more for the poor and deserving .