Established in 1991as Building Technology Centre, Centre for Technology and Development (CETED) independently and though its integrating units, provides a forum for people to work together and translate the concept of integrated development into action through technology and transfer, project consultancy and implementation, human resource development, research and documentation as well as extension, to name a few areas.

The idea of people’s participation in developmental programmes has been effectively implemented in the most literate state of Kerala in India which also has the highest percentage of trained science and technology personnel. Universally, Governments are being increasingly relegated to the role of facilitator in development programmes. In this context, Non-governmental organizations such as Center for Technology and Development have a significant role to play in the field of technology and development. The strength of the Center for Technology and Development lies in its rich panel of resource persons and in its ability to network its integrating units to achieve its various objectives.

The center through its women’s development wing emphasizes on training, skill up gradation, and capacity building of women to enable them to be equipped for gainful employment.


The Objectives of the Centre are:

  • To serve as a focal point for the generation, transmission and promotion of innovative concepts in development, rural and urban.
  • To disseminate cost-effective and appropriate technology in society.
  • To provide self-employment opportunities and develop entrepreneurship in the field of habitat and development.
  • To undertake research and development activities.
  • To undertake human resource development activities.
  • To collaborate with other institutions in the Government and non-government sector to undertake joint projects and programmes.
  • To bring out publications and audio, video aids with a view to undertaking extension activities.
  • To work for the propagation of alternate energy systems and alternate building technology in society.
  • To undertake construction and promote building activities for the above objectives.
  • To organize exchange programmes of experts and expertise between India and other countries.
  • To undertake consultancy in areas related to technology and development.
  • To integrate like-minded institutions with the Centre so as to form an effective network to meet the objectives of the center.
  • To setup institutions for the furtherance of these objectives.
  • To ensure active involvement of women in the fulfillment of the above objectives so as to counter gender bias.
  • To undertake any other activity to further the objectives of the Centre.


Project Consultancy

As an organization, which seeks to initiate concepts and innovative approaches for development through Science and Technology applications, CETED has independently and in collaboration with its integrating units been actively involved in the conceptualization of the following projects:

Project Water Save, Habitat Education, Eco Village, Integrated Child Development, Promotion of rural technologies and study of the impact of mechanization on agriculture.

Human Resource Development

Center for Technology and Development undertakes training programmes in various aspects of technology and development including computer applications, habitat technology, interior design and decoration, bamboo craft, to name a few.

Women’s Development.

The center focuses on empowering women by imparting training in areas with employment potential.The key area is in lowcost house construction.

Research and Documentation

Besides documentation and dissemination of technology for development from various sources, Center for Technology and Development also undertakes R&D through its integrating units/network partners. Documentation of rural technologies, district-wise survey of naturally available building materials, utilisation of marble slurry are some of the efforts in this direction.

Extension Activities

Awareness generation among the public on various S&T applications, for development, have been undertaken through various seminars, workshops and colloquia conducted independently and In collaboration with networking with partners.

The Habitat Vision series initiated by CETED addresses concepts like habitat education, problems of cities and their solutions, women empowerment and employment Generation.

In collaboration with other Network partners, CETED seeks to propagate the ab model of development in areas such as housing, water management, environmental conservation, transparent governance and tourism.


Center for Technology and Development undertakes consultancy and implementations of construction projects using cost effective building technology. For this, it has of a panel of experts consisting of architects, engineers, supervisors and other professionals. The cost of construction of such buildings is up to 30% less than other comparable construction.

Cultural Activities & Idea Exchange Programme

An attempt has been made to identify talent among common people and to promote their cultural interaction with people of other states and foreign nationals. As a starting point, a Sahithya Sangamam involving eminent cultural and literary figures was conducted.

Besides a unique programme has been launched with its network partners to provide a forum wherein dignitaries, diplomats, cultural and literary leaders will interact with the people. The programme attempts to mutually exchange culture, literature and other art forms among participant countries. This may also lead to exchange of professionals and cultural leaders. In addition to launching the mission “Road from Istanbul” in July 1998 in the presence of His Excellency Abdelhamid Senouci Bereksi, Ambassador of Algeria to India, Center for Technology and Development has been active in conducting the programme’ Passage to Creative Africa’.

Integrated Child Development programme.

A unique Personality Development programmes was have been conducted for children to improve and develop the quality and style of their living. It is essential to prepare our children to face the challenges of these fast track changes in the world around. Training programmes, including camps, have been conducted since May 1998 to orient school going children to be future – conscious and work for the common good of the people of our country.


Center for Technology and Development has the following specialized agencies which focus on various aspects of technology and development such as:

  • Human Resource Development
  • Women’s Development
  • Child development
  • Habitat Development


1991 Center for Technology and Development was established
1993 Launches training programme in appropriate technology
1996 Accredited to the United Nations (UNCHS) as an NGO. Centre Establishes integrating units; networks with Chinmaya Mission educational institutions.
1998 Along with the network partners, involved in dialogue with Swiss agency for Development and Cooperation for the’ Indo-Swiss Habitat Project’
Ambassador of Algeria to India, His Excellency .Senoci Bereksi launches the mission, Road from Istanbul.
1999 Launches academic programmes with Integrating units Government of India grants FRCA registration
2000 Organises national workshop on ‘Safety Health and Environment’ at Eranakulam, along with net work partners.
Prepares a detailed project report for an Institute of Labour Studies and Management for the Government of Kerala.
2001 Launches training IT enabled services for Govt. India’s Repco Bank and RPL.
2002 Research on the Impact of globalization on the Agricultural Labour for Government of India
Research and study on Housing.